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Employment Supports For Your Business & The New Hire:

Our Employment Consultants will work with you to identify where your business has the greatest HR needs and the best roles for Inclusive Hiring. This might include:

  • Discussing current job opportunities

  • Discussing existing job descriptions and tasks

  • Identifying business needs

  • Exploring possible accommodations

  • Exploring job description customization

  • Providing Sensitivity Training & resources to your business

Next, our Employment Consultants will present you with initial candidates and help you determine best fit. We would support the candidates throughout this process. This process might include:

  • Providing you with relevant resumes

  • Hosting Worksite Tours and Meet & Greets with the identified candidates (in lieu of formal interviews)

  • Hosting a short, working interview where the candidate performs parts of the job

Once you're ready to hire, our Employment Consultants will join the candidate throughout the hiring process to ensure smooth onboarding. Services provided here typically include:

  • One-to-one support during the orientation process

  • On-site job coaching

  • Behind-the-scenes check-ins

  • Worksite check-ins

  • A job coaching fading plan

Finally, we provide you with Maintenance Services through ongoing check-ins with your business and your employee. We are always available to step back in. Some reasons may include:

  • Management changes

  • Changes in your employee's tasks/responsibilities

  • Adding/learning a new task 

  • Delivering performance evaluations

  • Maintaining performance expectations

  • Adapting to new policies & procedures

Why Should You Employ People With Disabilities?

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Business Morning

Our Commitment To You During Covid:

At Milieu Employment Services, we understand that the COVID-19 health crisis has greatly impacted the business community. We want to take this opportunity to re-assure you that we are adapting our services so you can still hire, recall and retain your employees safely in this time.


Here are some strategies that we have implemented to engage our business partners sensitively and professionally:

A Business COVID Check In:

  • We have checked in with all our existing business partners about what their current COVID-19 policies and guidelines are.

  • Confirmed with businesses that all Milieu staff will conform to their COVID-19 policies and guidelines when supporting on site.

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An Employee COVID Check In:

· We coach each employee to understand and adhere to the new COVID


· We ensure the employee demonstrates competence in meeting the industry standard before fading from site

· As long as they’re working shifts, we are checking in regarding these COVID policies/systems weekly

Employee Recall Services:

· As you recall your employees back to work, we have been re-coaching employees to follow and implement the new health guidelines

· If employee roles/tasks have changed due to COVID, we collaborate to think of creative ways to carve out a different and useful role for your returning employee

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Working Silhouettes

Job Coaching

  • Save time and money

  • Observe best strategies to work with people with diverse abilities

  • Employees that meet performance criterion

Working Silhouettes

Candidates Recieve Various Trainings and Attend Workshops

  • The candidates proposed to you are job ready and qualified

Working Silhouettes

Maintenance and Check-Ins For the Lifetime of Employment

  • Increased employee retention

  • Reduced employee turnover & cost

  • Resolve employer staffing challenges

Designers Working

Skills Assessments/Job Site Evaluations

  • The candidate is job ready

  • The candidate is a good fit for the position

Working Tools

Needs Assessment

  • Identify and fill gaps in your business

  • Increase productivity in their business

Man Working at a Desk

Employment Consultants are Experts in Disability

  • Candidates are a strong fit for the given role

  • Build up company culture around inclusivity

Co Workers

Large Pool of Candidates

  • Save time and money on search, recruitment and training

Open Space Office


  • Save time/money on search, recruitment and training

  • Business needs are met quickly

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