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Welcome to Milieu Works

We love seeing the joy on our clients face when they tell us about their new job. But we are just as excited when we hear about the differences our clients are making in the lives of their new employers and co-workers!

We believe everybody can work if they are given the right opportunity. We know your business is looking for the person who can do the job best, and sometimes that person may happen to have a disability. This is how we can help. Milieu Works partners with local businesses to develop a diverse workforce within you company. Our job is to connect you to qualified candidates who can fulfill your labour requirements, add value to your company and benefit your bottom line.

Welcome to

Milieu Employment


Milieu Employment making a Difference

What is Milieu Employment Services (MES)?


MES partners with businesses to help them create inclusive and innovative workplaces by building their capacity to hire and work with people with diverse abilities. We consult with businesses regarding their HR and business needs, identify and/or create job roles for people with disabilities and present them with suitable candidates. We support the entire on-boarding process including ensuring the new employee understands how to perform their job and integrates into the workplace culture. We remain available to your business for the lifetime of that employee's employment.


Throughout the process, your business is always in control of what roles are needed and when and who to hire. We always work side-by-side following your expertise and your company's policies and practices. 


Our partnerships are informal and at no-cost to your business. We are in the social services sector working with businesses to further our mission.  


What we Believe


Our mission is to empower and support people as valued, contributing citizens in communities. We believe:


  • In bridging the gap between employment and disability

  • That everyone has the right to participate in the workforce

  • That people with disabilities should be represented in a variety of fields and roles

  • In creating and enhancing diversity, inclusion and innovation in workplaces

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Diversity Students

Who is Milieu Employment Services For?


  • Milieu Employment Services are for businesses that care about their community, are looking for great employees and value social responsibility.

  • We are also really great for businesses that are not familiar/experienced with hiring people with disabilities and want to know more!

What are the benefits of partnering with Milieu Employment Services?


Benefits of partnering with MES include:


  • Gaining access to experts in disability and inclusion

  • Building your business's internal capacity to hire and work with people with various abilities

  • Simplifying recruitment of candidates with disabilities

  • Accessing a large pool of ready & able candidates with disabilities

  • Increasing your business's representation of its own community

  • On-site support of your employees with disabilities to ensure performance and corporate culture standards are met


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